Please be patient and check back at least once a week (or daily) to see what has been added. I am preparing for two undersea murals. I will try to have a link to show progress in sketches, painting, etc.

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Welcome to EdBreedlove.com


monkeyWelcome to my website. Here you will find links to some of my more recent paintings and sketches. This site is in the works, having been created in Dreamweaver. I am planning on posting links, photos, information about my artwork in the days to come. Please be patient as I tinker and refine the website. Please look at some mural work here: And see other recent work here: https://picasaweb.google.com/edwinbluv/MYART


Over the last few years I have painted: two room sized murals, several decorative paintings for our home, two large hawaiian landscapes (and three smaller ones) several abstracts, large still lifes, and a variety of other pieces, including a triptic. A triptic is a set of three paintings, which stand on their own, but hang together to produce one large painting. I entered two contests and placed in both. I placed in a nationwide contest and in our local county fair (Fresno is a very large county and there was some great competition.)

Digital World

Along with the time and effort that has gone into the painting has come a certain amount of promotion, photographing my art, cataloging, and creatively getting my artwork onto the web. Developing a professional and aesthetically fitting web presence has been important to me. The creative and technical challenges of showcasing my work is in itself a form of channeling my creative energy. While I am a strong believer in the classic techniques and approaches to making art I am also very excited by the ever-evolving forms of digital tools.

Working with digital cameras, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, along with scanning, enlarging, etc. has been part of the process, along with brush, paint and canvas. The end goal is always to create a compelling piece by whatever means possible.

Recently I have been exploring various apps on my iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Sketching on these devices is still too wonky, but the potential for experimenting with color, textures, composition, rough ideas, and other aspects of creating art, is amazing.


Subject Matter

I tend to gravitate towards landscapes, but enjoy working in still lifes, abstracts, surrealism, and expressionism. Some of my surrealistic and abstract pieces contain subtle and not so subtle social or cultural commentary which can be interpreted in several ways depending on the viewers impression.

Some of the abstract pieces have no intended message, but includes enough variety of imagery that the viewer can make many associations. I always strive to give the viewer a payoff for looking longer at a piece. There should always be some level of detail that does not jump out at you upon an initial glance.


catalina islandAs indicated above, many of my works are expressed through different styles. However, I definitely lean toward realism, often strategically combining several reference images into one complete whole. For landscapes I will often work from photos, but not to simply create a mechanical duplicate of the photo. I always strive to create something that goes beyond what the lens can capture and try to find ways of attaining an overall effect that will involve the characteristics and strengths that are unique to painting (as opposed to trying to duplicate visual qualities that are achieved easier and better by photography).